Bird Holidays is the world's first travel company to carbon balance all the flights undertaken by its tour guides and clients.

We have done this by funding the purchase and reforestation of land at Yanacocha in Ecuador.

20,000 native trees have been planted at the Reserva Bird Holidays, recreating cloud forest on land which was deforested cow pasture.

The existing reserve at Yanacocha is the last known haunt of the Black-breasted Puffleg, a critically endangered hummingbird. The new reserve will create vital new habitat for this species, in addition to many other birds, mammals and insects.

Our partners in this project are the World Land Trust and the Jocotoco Foundation

You can travel with us in the knowledge that you are a small part of the solution to global warming. To find our more about how you can help visit


Twelve months later......

the seedlings are nearly a metre high!


Several of you have very kindly sent us donations to pass on to the World Land Trust and Jocotoco Foundation. These donations are particularly appreciated as they were completely unsolicited. So far they have totalled £550, and the money has gone towards carbon offsetting, tree planting projects at Yanacocha and other biodiversity hotspots in Ecuador.

Your generous donation will be used by the World Land Trust to deliver carbon offsets through its Carbon Balanced Programme. The World Land Trust works in partnership with Fundación Jocotoco, one of its local partner organisations in Ecuador, to deliver carbon offsets through the protection, restoration and extension of forests at reserves such as Buenaventura, Yanacocha, Tapichalaca and Canandé. All Fundación Jocotoco’s reserves protect a great diversity of flora and fauna, with over 800 species of birds recorded, many of which are globally endangered such as the El Oro Parakeet at Buenaventura. Many mammal species are present such as the Jaguar, Mountain Tapir, and Spectacled Bear and over 400 species of amphibians and 16,000 species of plants can also be found. The wildlife in Fundación Jocotoco’s reserves is severely threatened due to extensive clearance for agriculture within this densely populated country. Therefore your donation will contribute to the mitigation of the impacts of climate change and the protection of threatened species at sites of great conservation importance.


In 2009 the Jocotoco Foundation set up a motion activated camera at Yanacocha, to study the wildlife they have, are here is the result, a beautiful adult Puma. Fantastic!

                                                                                             photograph courtesy of the World Land Trust





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