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This page showcases photographs taken on our tours or during a trip at the planning stage.

All pictures have been taken by our leaders or customers. We have not bought pictures from libraries to make our tours look more impressive. With Bird Holidays, what you see is what you get.


If you have been on one of our tours and wish to show others your best shots, please send them to



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South-east China



Photographs from our tour in December

Forktails, Spoon-billed Sandpipers, Siberian Cranes and Chinese Mergansers, our first trip had them all.

more photos can be found on our china photo page: click HERE





Fork-tailed Flycatcher & Many-coloured Rush Tyrant, both birds were seen on our Northeast Argentina tour in December 2011.

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Tour participant David Lingard took lots of great photographs on our Goa and Karnataka tour. Here is a small selection. To see more of David's photographs, please click on the following link. 

Malabar Whistling Thrush

Small Cormorant 

Crested Gowhawk

Blue-capped Rock Thrush







Paul has just returned from two weeks on the west coast of India and the hills of the Western Ghats. Click here for a selection of photographs.






Cliff Buckton kindly let us use his photographs from our recent tour to Malawi and Zambia. We saw three Leopards as well as masses of birds and other wildlife. Click here to see our Malawi Album.



SE BRAZIL, OCTOBER 2011 by Paul Kingsnorth


Paul Kingsnorth kindly sent us his photographs from this year's tour. Here are a small selection. Click here to see more.






We have just completed another successful trip to SE Brazil, visiting Cipo, Caraca, Canastra and the Atlantic Forest at Serra dos Tucanos Lodge. As well as seeing the critically endangered Brazilian Merganser (three trips out of three with customers here) we saw masses of other birds such as Black-and-Gold Cotinga, Brassy-breasted Tanager and Giant Antshrike. The Maned Wolves were pretty good too. Click here to see Paul's best pictures





Phil & Sue Jones sent some wonderful photos from their recent tour in September.

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Our second tour to Outer Mongolia took place soon after the Birdfair and once again proved a great success with sightings including Siberian and White naped Cranes, Mcqueen's Bustard, Pallas's Sandgrouse, Mongolian Ground Jay, Baikal Teal, Little Whimbrel and lots of Siberian migrants including Dark Sided and Brown Flycatchers, Pallas's Grasshopper and Lanceolated Warblers, Siberian Rubythroat and Yellow browed Bunting. Mammal highlights included two Wolves!, Siberian Ibex, chipmunks, jerboas and dwarf hamsters. Our next tour to Mongolia is planned for the late spring in 2013.

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BRAZIL'S PANTANAL (photographs courtesy of tour member Anne Strahan)

In August Roger visited South America's prime wetland, the Pantanal, in search of rare birds and elusive mammals. Highlights included three Jaguars, Giant Anteater, Southern Tamandua, Brazilian Tapir and Ocelot, not to mention hundreds of bird species. Here are a few of Anne's pictures. More can be found on her Picasa site here

To see our Pantanal Album click here



Jaguar, Southern Tamandua, Hyacinth macaw, Greater Rhea, Giant Otter and Capped Heron




Bird Holiday trip to Tarifa with the Bradford Ornithological Group


In mid September we took seven members of BOG to southern Spain, visiting the east side of the Guadalquivir Delta and Tarifa. We had a great time, with masses of migrants streaming through. As well as hundreds of Honey Buzzards, Booted Eagles, Black Kite and Short-toed Eagles we saw smaller numbers of Black Storks, Montague's Harriers and Lesser Kestrels. During the trip we also saw Little Swift, White-headed Duck and Marbled Duck. Surprises came in the form of a winter plumaged Marsh Sandpiper and this Royal Tern, a rarity from West Africa with fewer than 50 European records!

Below are a few photographs taken by group members Paul King and John Flood. Greater Flamingos, Black-tailed Godwits and Avocet, Long-finned Pilot Whales, Griffon Vultures and a dragonfly.  Click here to see more




China Panda Tour 2011

Photographs from customer Val Williamson


The path to the Panda Research Station and a Flying Squirrel



White-backed Woodpecker and Panda Reserve sign



Spruce Grouse, Churchill, Manitoba 2011. (Phil Palmer)

Loads of smart pictures from our recent visit can be seen by clicking here

The Great Northern Diver is common on many lakes. Its mournful call provides a 'Last of the Mohicans' feel to any birding trip here.






new photograph page from our 2011 tour - click here

this picture from Richard & Sara Morgan shows our group about to disembark a canoe to see Rock Pratincoles - 2011

Tim Parkinson managed a shot of this skulking Rubythroat

the shots below were taken by Derek Johnston


the 2 shots below are from Sue Tallents







  these pictures from our Estonia 2011 tour were taken by Paul King & Paul Kingsnorth.

more photos on our Estonia photo page Click Here




Camargue and Corsica


Co-leader Mark Newsome took lots of nice photographs during our recent Camargue and Corsica trip. Click on the following link to go to his Picasa page.






Earlier in the year we took a group from Leeds RSPB to Morocco. Our local driver/guide was kind enough to send us some of his photographs from the tour. A few are shown below. Click here to see more.







We have just completed our first trip to Madeira. This lovely island gave up its treasures for our group, and we saw all the target species. Zino's Petrels, Desertas Petrels, Madeiran Storm-petrels, Bulwer's Petrels and Barolo Shearwaters were the seabird highlights. A Barbary Falcon was only the 4th record for Madeira, and a long staying Yellow-crowned Night Heron was a 3rd for the Old World. Click here to see the photographs.


This beautiful male Citril Finch was taken on Mt Ventoux on our Camargue and Corsica trip, at a drinking pool that we sat near to have our picnic. Click here to see more of Paul's photographs from our very successful trip to the Camargue and Corsica.



John took a group to Estonia early in the spring to look for Steller's Eiders, among other things. They had a great time, with lovely bright clear weather and lots of birds. They saw a couple of hundred Steller's, although they weren't within photographic range. here are four photographs that tour member Chris Lloyd took. Pygmy Owl, Elk, Caspian Tern and Camberwell Beauty.



We are very busy with leading trips at the moment, so are struggling to find time to add our photographs from recent trip. However, here are a couple of pictures from Paul's recent trip to SW Turkey. Click here for more.

White-throated Robin and Cretzschmar's Bunting.


BHUTAN photos from our April tour can be seen at the bottom of the brochure page Click Here



Ade Buckel, customer on our February 2011 Northern India trip, kindly sent us some stunning images, including this Bengal Tiger at Kanha.

Click here to see more


Paul has just returned from a recce in Belize. No less than 44% of the country is protected by way of national parks and reserves; the greatest proportion of any country on Earth. Huge tracts of forest are still intact and the wildlife is correspondingly rich and varied. The Mayan ruins are awesome and the internationally renowned lodges and hotels are second to none. All adding up to a superb birdwatching holiday. Click here to see Paul's pictures.


Ornate Hawk-eagle, Black-cowled Oriole and Ocellated Turkey

Caana, the highest structure at Caracol, towers above the surrounding forest

Man-o-war Caye is simply magnificent!


Chris Mellor kindly sent us this photograph of a Cobb's Wren, taken on the Falkland Islands during our Antarctica cruise in January.

You can see more of her lovely photographs from that cruise on her blog



Gay Ogg and Cliff Buckton have been kind enough to share some of their excellent shots from the Kerala 2011 trip, click here to see them




Andy has just returned from a recce to Ethiopia. Six or seven Simien Wolves were the highlight, along with lots of endemic birds. Click here to see a few of his photographs.



Early in 2011 we returned to the Yucatan peninsular for another tour of the impressive Mayan sites and a taste of Central American birding. For the first time we included Calakmul in the itinerary on which we also visited Uxmal, Tulum, Coba, Palenque and Chichen Itza. Click here to see our Yucatan Album.






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