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This page showcases photographs taken on our tours or during a trip at the planning stage.

All pictures have been taken by our leaders or customers. We have not bought pictures from libraries to make our tours look more impressive. With Bird Holidays, what you see is what you get.


If you have been on one of our tours and wish to show others your best shots, please send them to



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Mike Vickers kindly sent us his photographs from Nepal, taken on our trip earlier this year, including this stag Chital. Click here to view our Nepal album page.


Paul visited Florida with a group in early December. The group managed to miss the extreme weather in the UK and were treated to lots of exciting birds, many of which were very approachable. Here is a small selection of Paul's photographs. Click here to see more. Red-bellied Woodpecker, male Painted Bunting, Florida Scrub Jay, Brown Pelican, Barred Owl and Anhinga.







'A tale of 2 tours'

- click here to see a photo essay from Phil's recent visit to China to set up two tours for 2011:

a Panda tour in April and a birding tour in December.



Margaret Haworth kindly sent us a few photographs see took during our Madagascar trip. Here are a selection. Click here to see more.:-



Ann Strahan also sent us some photographs from SE Brazil. Click the links below to see more on her Picasa site.




Roger ran another successful trip to SE Brazil in October, seeing Brazilian Merganser, Swallow-tailed Cotinga, Maned Wolf and Giant Anteater, to name just four. Here are a selection of photographs kindly sent by customer, Doug Ormston.


Namibia, Zambia & Botswana

Pel's Fishing Owl.

A photo page highlighting some of the best images taken on our tour to Namibia, Victoria Falls & the Okavango

can be seen by clicking HERE



Here are a few of photographs from our very successful inaugural Madagascar tour, in September 2010 Click here to see more.

Top to bottom:- Sickle-billed Vanga, Short-legged Ground-roller, Sakalava Weaver, Red-tailed Tropicbird, Parson's Chameleon, Madagascar Nightjar, Madagascar Bee-eater, Hubbard's Sportive Lemur, Crested Coua, Coquerel's Sifaka, Common Brown Lemur, Blue Vanga.




Some pictures from John's tour to Mongolia can be seen at the foot of the brochure page for 2011. CLICK HERE to see them & scroll down




Andy has just added some photographs from this years Spitsbergen tour to a special Spitsbergen webpage.

The see them CLICK HERE



Phil took a group to Ecuador in July. Click here to see his photographs.




Andy has just returned from Peru and the pictures here were taken by customers Paul Kingsnorth and Ade Buckel


































In late May Paul visited Spain's steppe country near Zamora, the Duero Valley and the Picos de Europa. Here are some of the highlights.

Western Orphean Warbler


Male Red-backed Shrike

Griffon Vulture colony in the Duero Valley

We saw dozens of Great Bustards at Villafafilla.


Scanning for Wallcreepers in the Picos de Europa. This year we struggled, but eventually got three flight views and a brief glimpse on a rock face.

Alpine Choughs are very obliging.

Alpine Accentors are very reliable here.

This chamois gave a much closer view than most.

Spot the Wallcreeper. Prize: A tube of Deep Heat for that sore neck!




We took a group from York RSPB to Lake Kerkini in May. here are a selection of photographs from that trip.

White Storks nesting on a church in Himaros village

An adult regurgitating water to cool the chicks

Squacco Heron

White and Dalmatian Pelicans

Masked and Lesser Grey Shrikes

A picnic in the mountains.

Sunrise from our hotel

Great Crested Grebes are very numerous on the lake.

Dung Beetle!

Record shots of two rare waders. Broad-billed and Terek Sandpipers.


Karen Hargreave has sent us a link to her Lake Kerkini, Greece photographs that she took on our tour in May. A  small selection of her pictures are below. Click on the link to see more.



Tour participant, Paul King kindly sent us some shots from the Coto Donana and Alentejo in May. This is an Azure-winged Magpie.

Click here to see more....


In early May Paul had to lead our Coto Donana and Alentejo trip, since Andy was stuff in India following the ash cloud problems. He was all too happy to help out. Here's why...

Woodchat Shrike on the first morning.

Squacco Heron in the Coto Donana

We saw four rare Red-knobbed Coots this time. This was the most obliging.

Azure-winged Magpies were seen in big numbers in both areas we visited.

Black-winged Stilt at Brazo del Este

Picnic near Los Palacios

Great Reed Warbler singing outside our hotel in El Rocio. We could see them whilst eating our breakfast!

The heronry at Valverde contained Squaccos, Cattle Egrets, Little Egrets and Glossy Ibis. The latter have increased tremendously in the last few years.

Due to high water levels Collared Pratincoles seemed rare in the Coto Donana this year. However, by visiting Brazo del Este we were able to see them at close range in good numbers.

Portugal's Alentejo is covered in a carpet of flowers in April and May. The high winter rainfall helped this year.

The pretty town of Mertola has nesting White Storks and Lesser Kestrels.


At Pulo do Lobo (Wolves leap!) we saw a different range of birds including Blue Rock Thrush and Rock Bunting (below).





(Antarctica, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, Ascension Island)



The three pictures below were taken by John and Pauline Grimshaw. To see more of their pictures go to


St Helena Cathedral


all the photographs below are by Phil Palmer


Two young Elephant Seals practice duelling skills at South Georgia.

A zodiac cruise among the ice is always a highlight. It was difficult not to photograph every angle of this massive structure.


Long-finned Pilot Whales rushed past the ship one afternoon. The Captain was proud of the fact that we got better views as a result of his swift action in turning the ship around. About 60 animals were involved in the spectacle.


Our time at the Antarctic peninsula left us craving for more ice, so sadly we departed for south Georgia.



Our ship was surrounded by King Penguins as we approached Salisbury Plain, South Georgia. It was so spectacular that some of us missed lunch!



The South Georgia Pintail is apparently hard to find sometimes! On this one pool, we found more than 50.


As part of an island tour on St Helena, managed to fit in a visit to the Governor's House was and Napoleon's tomb. Of course, this was after seeing White Terns flying to their nesting pines and the endemic Wirebird.



Similar to the Kittlitz's Plover, less than 400 St Helena Wirebirds exist. All are found on this remote island and are the subject of a major conservation effort. Consequently they can be seen on any suitable grassland. This includes football pitches and golf courses.




On Ascension Island, we took the opportunity to watch Green Turtles come onto the beach and lay their eggs. On the best nights over 300 can climb the sands of just one beach.


"Why the big frown?"  - Red-billed Tropicbird.






John took a group to Costa Rica in March and Paul's father, Ian joined the group. Here are a few of his photographs.

female (left) and male White-throated Mountaingem

Resplendent Quetzal and Montezuma Oropendola

Magnificent Hummingbird (left) and Green Violetear

Male Great Curassow

Arenal Volcano

Common Nighthawk


OMAN 2010

Mike Betts joined our Oman trip, having been there many years before. He showed his wife some of his old haunts and took some fine photographs:

Sooty Gull, imm Steppe Eagle, a Ruppell's Weaver that joined us for breakfast at the Hilton, and an Indian Roller

Ken Fullard also took some great shots:

Blackstart, and a nifty shot of the rarely seen False Killer Whale; we found a pod of these and 100s of Red-necked Phalaropes off old Muscat



Karen Hargreave has again put her lovely photographs on Picasa, this time from Kerala. Here is a selection of nightbirds (left to right Spotted Owlet, Jungle Owlet, Indian Scops Owl, Ceylon Frogmouth, Indian Eagle Owl). Click here to see the rest of her pictures on Picasa.

and these are from Geoff Mogg on the same trip:

White-bellied Treepie and a magnificent Red-whiskered Bulbul



NEPAL 2010

Paul visited Nepal with a group in February. Click here to see a selection of his photographs. Left to right Patan Durbar Square, Fishtail Lodge Pokhara, Striated Prinia, Black-headed Shrike, Blue-throated Barbet, Blue-eared Kingfisher, elephant safari, Indian One-horned Rhinoceros.



Andrew Aldridge kindly sent us a few photographs taken during the January Northern India Trip. Bengal Tiger, Spotted Owlet, Jackal, Painted Snipe, Gharial, Gaur and Taj Mahal.

 Thank you, Andrew!

If you want to see more images from Northern India 2010, the first batch by Andrew Aldridge, the second by Hilary Sills, please click here.


On our winter Camargue tour we found no less than four Wallcreepers including this individual which came into roost at the Pont du Gard







It's early days, but we've already run three successful trips in January, and are waiting with baited breath to see the photographs. Five or six Bengal Tigers in Karna, Ceylon Bay Owl in Kerala and four Wallcreepers in Provence are amongst the highlights so far....

Here is a lovely starter, an Indian (Collared) Scops Owl, photographed by Karen Hargreave when she had a few extra days in Kerala as an add-on to our tour there.



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