Do you have an old pair of binoculars that you no longer

use and would like to find a good home for?


In 2009 we launched a binocular, telescope and field guide appeal. We regularly meet enthusiastic reserve wardens and up-and-coming local guides in developing countries that cannot afford optics. The fact that we regularly travel gives us a great opportunity to get your old equipment back into the field, where it will be used and cherished.

The response we have had so far has been fantastic, and in early July we passed on our first pair of binoculars to a guide in Bhutan.

If you have a pair please contact us and we will try to arrange collection.

We also have close contacts with a local reserve, Rodley Nature Reserve. When we found out that they needed a couple of pairs of binoculars for a children's open day we were happy to help. Here is a photograph of the binoculars (and kids) in action.

above is a picture of Lay Win our Burmese guide as well as two of his 'student' tour guides Sanda & Biak.

Both girls helped during our 2017 tour where they were able to practice their already good English, as well as show us some good birds.

Lay Win was finally able to have a telescope of his own as he has been tour leading and surveying Spoon-billed Sandpipers and Gurney's Pittas for years where he has had to borrow one.

Since our first visit many years ago, Lay Win has gone on to lead for other companies and is now one of the countries' leading conservationists.

We are hoping to bring more binoculars each time we visit, as Myanmar is a country desperately in need of more birders and equipment.




The following people have kindly donated used binoculars, telescopes and field guides since 2016.

We apologise for any omissions. Please contact us if your name is not included.


Jenny Kingsland

Sue Bradshaw

Fabio Lepori

Lynn and Trevor Andrew

Lawrence and Eileen Bennett deceased

John and Anne Bowers

Jeremy Clare

John Collins

Richard and Linda Ebbs

Fran Evans

Sue Ferrington

Margaret Haworth kindly donated a Canon digital SLR camera to our guide in Bhutan.

Eric and Veronica Hudson

Elizabeth Johnson

Julia Mayne

Pam Powell

Shaun and Julia Radcliffe

Anne Strahan

Audrey Summersgill

Rae Swindley

Jack and Marjorie Thompson

John and Freda Topham

Trevor Lovett

Ian Willoughby

Ian Walker


Telescope suppliers TDI kindly donated three new telescopes for our appeal.


Paul visited Madagascar in September 2010 and made one young guide's day, presenting him with a pair of binoculars kindly donated by a customer.





Below is a photograph of Lloyd Fernandez in Goa. We gave Lloyd this pair of binoculars a few years ago and he has transformed from an excellent driver to a top bird guide and driver.


Trevor Lovett on our 09 Gambia trip donated an excellent pair of binoculars to Kebba Ketah a local guide at Tendaba who has been looking forward for a year to getting his own pair of binoculars after Bird Holidays promised him a pair when they saw his potential in 08.

Kebba also got this field guide donated by Bird Holidays customer, Karen Hargreaves. He had been struggling with a pathetic pair of plastic, borrowed binoculars and no field guide when we met him last year.

Lamin, our apprentice guide, got a Gambian field guide donated by Pam Powell. Last year he had borrowed Andy's book each night. We were also able to upgrade his binoculars thanks to Julia Mayne's kind donation of this pair of Minoltas.

Chris and Didge Brooking visited the Gambia with us last year and  very kindly sent us a cheque to convert in to Dalasis and donate to the school at Tendaba.


Thank you very much for all the donations, binoculars and field guides.


In Ecuador, Roger passed on a pair of binoculars to one of the reserve staff at Yanacocha.


In Nepal (Feb. 2010), Paul met up with many old friends and was able to give a home to some old but still useful binoculars, as well as a new telescope donated by TDI

Babu has been our local guide for over ten years now, and his birding skills are amazing, bearing in mind that he managed with a pair of 16x binoculars! Paul gave him an old but excellent pair of Bauch and Lomb 8x42's

Hari KC (seen here in the grounds of Fishtail Lodge, Pokhara) lives in Pokhara and co-ordinates the annual duck count on Phewa Lake. This lake holds a large wintering population of the globally threatened Ferruginous Duck. Hari has done this over the years without the aid of a telescope. A new scope we gave him should help immensely.

Bishnu was the first to receive a pair of binoculars from us, in 2008, when Bird Holidays bought him a pair to replace his old ones that had encountered one monsoon too many!

Anne Strahan kindly gave this chap, a member of the Chitwan birdwatching club, his first pair of binoculars. They belonged to her father, and had seen it through two world wars! Nevertheless, they are still in perfect condition.


John and Freida Topham, members of the Bradford Ornithological Group, visited Bhutan with Andy earlier this year. Here's a short article they wrote for Lapwing, the group's publication. Here's a link to this thriving group's website.




In January 2017 Paul donated a pair of binoculars to the Fundacion Imaymana in Ecuador. Alejandro Solano, as well as being our Ecuador guide, runs Imaymana's Artisanal Chocolate project, where they grow shade-grown cocoa on former cow pasture. As well as providing habitat for birds such as Long-wattled Umbrellabird and the now famous Rufous-crowned Gnatpitta, they make delicious chocolate too!


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