photos from our 2009 Tour

Lesser Horseshoe Bat



A mixture of Greater & Lesser Horseshoe Bats with Geoffroy's Bats in a church roof


Hazel Dormouse was one of 2 dormouse species that we saw very well.

Sightings of Honey Buzzard were good. We saw Saker Falcon & Imperial & Short-toed Eagles too!


The ancient race of Hungarian sheep add to the atmosphere of this wonderful country.


When not visiting bat roosts or it was too hot to look for birds, many butterfly species were logged. Including this Knapweed Fritillary.



Lesser Horseshoe Bat in a Monastery roof


Lesser Mouse-eared Bats in a railway tunnel


Geoffroy's & Mediterranean Horseshoe Bats emerge from a cave

A typical church of the region, that often hold many bats.

mist-netting in the evening at a swarming cave

Serotine Bat - also below



A yellow spider was another of the non-batty highlights.



The photos below were sent to us by our local experts in Hungary.












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