Photos from our most recent Uganda tour

Our next tour will be in 2016.

The Gorillas are one of the star attractions and we have never failed to locate them on our tours.

The Great Blue Turaco is common in some forests. It can even be found close to Entebbe.


The lakes near the Virunga Volcanoes hold special birds.


Pink-backed Pelican over Lake Bunyoni seen from one of the three boat rides taken on this trip.


The Lions in Queen Elizabeth Park were doing battle with some big buffalo.


The shy forest-dwelling Heuglin's Robins can be tame near some lodges.


Black-headed Gonolek can be shy and hard to see well despite gaudy colours.


A stare from a Gorilla 7m away is a life-changing experience.





Black and White Colobus is common in some forests.


The bats in this cave are amazingly close and accessible without getting dirty and smelly. Our visit with a Warden ensures that they are not disturbed.


The highlands near Bwindi and Magahinga are spectacular.


Papyrus Gonolek is a specialist of the swamps in Uganda.


Queen Elizabeth National Park is a varied park with one section having a drivable trail overlooking crater lakes on the edge of the Great Rift Valley.



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