2017 tour photos


Asian Green Bee-eater is to be found everywhere.

Below are just a few pictures from our time in Srilanka this year, shown to illustrate that not only are there some stunning creatures on show,

but it is a great photographic destination too. (all pictures Phil Palmer)

This leopard had been sat right next to our jeep prior to leaping out to attack an eagle.

Here it is shown looking up at the eagle, that fortunately got away.

the male Pied Thrush is a much sought-after migrant, and probably the most beautiful thrush on earth


Phil found this wild boar digging for roots.


Before Phil could finish saying that he sometimes sees "Brown Fish Owl here", Pauline spotted this one beside the road. It was the third one we had found on this trip!


Shaheen falcons feed on swifts over the rock fortress at Sigiriya


Our local guide Lester, rescued this lizard from a window frame at Dambula Temple. It was released after this photo was taken.

We return in 2018, so to avoid disappointment, let us know if you want to join us!




The video above is a compilation of some birds seen during Phil's tour in 2016.

All videos were taken through a scope with a compact camera.

Our 2017 tour is now full and there are a few places left for the 2018 trip.



Cheeky photograph of Roger by tour member Philip Crawford

Due to demand we ran two tours to Sri Lanka this February/March. Here are a few photographs taken by Roger on his tour. Thanks go to a lovely group, excellent work by local guide Lester we had a great time on this beautiful island:


Indian Thick-knee                                                                          Asiatic Elephant


Sri Lanka Blue Magpie                                                                Five-bar Swordtail


Fishing for Spanish Mackerel                                                                    Blue Whale


Here are some of the great shots taken by tour member Andrew Aldridge:


two different Leopards, a female and a male

Golden Jackal

point blank Crested Serpent Eagle




Here are just some of Cliff Buckton's and Peter Henderson's many great photographs from this tour:


                                             Sri Lankan Lesser Flameback                               Indian Scops Owl                                                           Asian Paradise Flycatcher


                      the rare Green-billed Coucal                                    Indian Pitta in the hotel garden                                       Dusky Blue Flycatcher in the cloudforest                                                                                       


Crested Serpent Eagle                                                                        Great Thick-knees                                                                              Sri Lankan Junglefowl                    


                         Golden Jackal gave brilliant views                                   Yellow-billed Babblers are common

sometimes we need a local guide just to read the signs!


The very rare Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush                                                        Striped Tiger butterfly                                                       the small Sri Lankan race of Asian Elephant


Thar she blows!

on the extension we saw dolphins, flying fish, 6 species of tern, but it was mostly about the whales. We saw Bryde's and these Blue Whales


The rarely photographed Blue Whale poo - smells of krill of course                                          the classic fluke                                  



RECCE 2013

In November, Roger completed a recce to this beautiful tropical island. He was very pleased to find answers to two important questions....

He wanted to check if there were alternatives to the usual sites offered by other tour companies. The answer is yes, and we will include a magnificent, huge reserve in the north-west which is great for birds, with chances for Leopards and other mammals. Secondly, visiting the famous Sinharaja has always been compromising with either poor accommodation nearby, or 3.30am starts at the nearest acceptable hotel which is 3hrs away. A lovely new lodge much closer was an exciting find for us, solving the logistical problems.  All in all we now have good lodges, easy journeys and a notebook full of great birds for our first tour. This is planned for the second half of February 2015.

Here are a few pictures taken by Roger and our local guide Uditha:



                                            Kashmir Flycatcher                                        Chestnut-backed Owlet                                         Pied Thrush



                                                                   Ceylon, Whistling Thrush                                               the swimming pool at one of our hotels



Please note: The above photographs were taken on previous trips. Itineraries change from time to time and therefore you cannot rely on these photographs as being an exact representation of what can be expected on a future tour. For details of the each tour, you should refer to the brochure write-up.



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