The elusive Sicilian Rock Partridge, the island's only endemic bird, and a recent split from the mainland Rock Partridge.


The finest of Sicily's eight Baroque towns, Noto is a Unesco World Heritage Site, featuring over fifty churches and palaces including the Cathedral di San Nicolo.


Enjoying the early morning sunshine, a Swallowtail buttefly.


Spectacled Warblers can be expected, this one photographed at the Cava Grande del Cassibile.


Dominating the whole of eastern Sicily, Mount Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe.


Ortigia, the historic heart of Syracuse, dating back to the ancient Greeks.


The Madonie Mountains offer splendid scenery whilst we admire the local birdlife.


Lesser Kestrels benefit from the undisturbed rural settings of the rolling inland hills. Here a male.


Good birding starts right outside your door.


The Greek amphitheatre at Syracuse dating from the 5th century BC.


It's not often you get the chance to visit a smouldering volcano!


Eastern Subalpine Warblers abound in the Madonie Mountains.


Cava Grande del Cassibile is Sicily's own little Grand Canyon.


Outdoor breakfasts are possible at the time of our visit.





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