Bird Holidays returned to Morocco in spring 2012 and undertook a more expansive tour which headed inland from Agadir to the Tagdilt Plain. Some of the highlights of the tour were desert birds such as Cream-coloured Courser, Thick-billed Lark and Crowned Sandgrouse. A pair of Barbary Falcons appeared on some sea cliffs near Agadir and nearby we watched the endangered Bald Ibis at Tamri. Whilst looking for the Ibis we stumbled across an  African Desert Warbler foraging on the cliff top. Interestingly we had found both Hoopoe and Bar-tailed Lark at the same location in spring 2011.


Bald Ibis one of six birds found feeding at the roadside on March 24th 2012


White Storks at a nest  is a common site across Morocco. However Black Stork is a much rarer bird and these two migrants below where discovered resting by the Tagdilt Track after a period of heavy rain on the afternoon of March 29th 2012


The same rains had grounded this flock of 37 Collared Pratincoles earlier in the week


 A Wryneck showed well as it fed in the ground of our hotel at Boumalne des Dades



Trumpeter Finches were abundant in the desert around Ouazarzate



A speciality of the region is this male Magreb Mourning Wheatear which is a scarce breeding bird in Southern Morocco

 we have found this species on our last two tours to the country




Another scarce resident is this beautiful Lanner Falcon we saw two on this years tour


Small numbers of Greater Flamingo's can be found on the coastal estuaries and this flock was photographed

on our last evening at the Oued Sous just south of Agadir


all pictures courtesy of Andrew Aldridge





In March 2011 we took a group from Leeds RSPB to Agadir in Morocco. Our guide Mohamed kindly sent us the following photographs.

Thick-billed Lark


Moussier's Redstart


Temminck's Horned Lark



Stone Curlew




Woodchat Shrike





Here are some of Phil's photographs from our previous visits to Morocco




Bald Ibis gathering nest material.



The world's population was confined to two small colonies in Morocco numbering less than 300. Recently a handful have been found in Syria.

Hopefully increased involvement by RSPB/Birdlife International will see these birds increasing.




Cream-coloured Courser




Levaillant's Green Woodpecker.



Black-crowned Tchagra - a skulker in coastal thickets near Agadir



Tristram's Warbler is endemic to the Atlas Mountains



Moroccan Magpie - an interesting endemic



Seebohm's Wheatear is endemic to the Western Atlas Mountains



African Chaffinch




The Black Wheatear is confined to the Iberian peninsula and Northwest Africa




Blue Rock Thrush is a common garden bird!








Rock Bunting occurs near houses at Oukaimeden




The Moroccan Wagtail has a striking face pattern.




African Blue Tit sports a sharp black face pattern




Beside the super birds, Morocco holds many other interesting creatures.



Migrants passing through can include Rufous Bushchat.




The localised Fulvous Babbler in the Sous valley



There are now two species of Crested Lark. Those inland in Morocco apparently represent a separate species.



This Lesser Crested Tern was resting on the beach at Tamri




Tristram's Warbler



Red-necked Nightjars feed over the King's Palace in Agadir.









Spoonbills over Oued Massa



Please note: The above photographs were taken on previous trips. Itineraries change from time to time and therefore you cannot rely on these photographs as being an exact representation of what can be expected on a future tour. For details of the each tour, you should refer to the brochure write-up.



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