2015 Trip

What a cat!


Wow! Our sightings from Spain this year, involving the world's rarest feline, were just sensational.


Our first day of viewing allowed us to see some nice raptors, including a Golden Eagle scything into a flock of Spotless Starlings and numerous Black and Griffon Vultures, but

the weather was a little bit too nice. So with rain all night, things looked perfect for our second day. Sure enough just before lunchtime, this big male Spanish Lynx walked straight towards us.

Clearly not bothered by our presence, he was on a mission to visit the four corners of his territory as we swapped glances.

He came up to the road and almost brushed past us as we were either spellbound and unable to raise a camera or too close to focus cameras on!

Thankfully Geoff Kirk had been following him, and had the skill to grab these pictures as we all know how easy it is to let excitement run riot at such times.


One lunchtime was spent in Cordoba, where we overlooked the famous bridge (above) and the cathedral (below).




It was a surprise to find a small group of White Storks displaying on nests (in November!!!!), but this was an indication of the hot weather we experienced.


Thanks for all of these pictures, sent to us by Geoff Kirk.




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The pictures below taken during our 2014 tour show the wonderful scenery

and wildlife of Andujar


the habitat on this private estate provides home for  7 lynx

there are of course many others outside this estate, but here the cats are being specially monitored and protected





Griffon Vultures are common here

Spanish Ibex climb the hills


A pair of Imperial Eagles nest here



Thekla Lark is quite easy to see here


on the plains of La Serena, we saw several Great Bustards


The plains are quiet and beautiful in winter, not what people imagine Spain to look like at all





Black Vulture and Golden Eagles live and breed on this estate




Our group are watching flocks of sandgrouse here.


Little Bustards



Iberian Grey Shrike





stopping for lunch in Cordoba was a highlight for some





Although the Spanish Lynx is targeted on this tour, we see so many other good things. There is a Wild Boar in this picture!


three species of bat were found roosting



our leader found a Horned Viper the day before the group arrived



Griffon above and Black Vulture below











sandgrouse gather to feed on the plains in good numbers

Little Bustards

Red Deer are very common



Black Vultures roosting on an old nest

Wood Lark



















close up view of a lizard










wild boar



This female lynx was caught on a camera trap the day we arrived in 2014.



Please note: The above photographs were taken on previous trips. Itineraries change from time to time and therefore you cannot rely on these photographs as being an exact representation of what can be expected on a future tour. For details of the each tour, you should refer to the brochure write-up.




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