Lake Kerkini Autumn 2017





A stunning array of waterbirds greeted us on the lake with thousands of pelicans and flamingoes on view




hundreds of waders included many Ruff



This Little Bittern fed out in the open in one corner of the lake




A family party of Little Crakes also frequented this part of the lake and this is the adult male




An adult male Red-backed Shrike one of many migrants around the lake




Spotted Flycatcher was one of the commonest migrants



Hermann's Tortoise crossing the road!





photographs taken by Bob Martin



May 2017


This year we ran a spring tour to beautiful Lake Kerkini for members of the East Yorkshire RSPB Group. Here are a few of Ian Smith's superb photographs.


First light on our first morning at Lake Kerkini, seen from the balcony of the hotel rooms. Every morning we were greeted by the same sight, with lovely weather from start to finish, save for a single short-lived thunder storm on the last day.



This White pelican feeding frenzy was witnessed on the afternoon of our first day.


White Pelicans are a regular sight


This Water Rail showed beautifully, albeit briefly


A collection of summer-plumaged waders at Kalochori including Dunlin, Curlew Sandpiper, Turnstone, Ruff and a rare Terek Sandpiper.


A Squacco heron is fine breeding condition.


Spoonbills are common around the lake, and breed in small numbers.


The  sought-after Semi-collared Flycatcher was the highlight of our visit to the Kerkini Mountains.


Early May marks the end of the spring passage of Red-footed Falcons through Northern Greece, and we were thrilled to see several flocks. This male (above) and female (below) gave particularly good views.


The Pygmy Cormorant is nowhere more common than at Lake Kerkini.


Penduline Tits, such as this male, are easily found around the lake, by listening for their distinctive call.


A mixed feeding flock of White and Dalmatian Pelicans and Great Cormornats.


Eastern Orphean Warblers are common in suitable habitat. This one looks to have a particularly large bill, helping to distinguish it from the smaller Lesser Whitethroat.


The only rain of the trip coincided with our boat trip. It didn't seem to deter this Night Heron from hunting.


Little Bitterns, sich as this lovely male, were a fairly regular sight.


A White Stork hunts in the shallows near Kerkini village.


This Lesser Grey Shrike was one for four species of shrike we saw.


The views we got of Great Reed Warbler were incredible!


A Dalmatian Pelican soars over the lake.




Southern White Admiral



Black Woodpeckers can be elusive, but a pair put on a good show for our group on the last day.


A colony of Bee-eaters allowed fantastic photographic opportunities.










May 2015


In 2015 our Greece trip proved very popular so we ran two tours, here are a couple of photographs taken by the leader Roger Barnes:


White Storks breed in high numbers especially in the villages near our hotel; and Spanish Sparrows use the stork's nests for their own breeding colonies



This Little Ringed Plover's nest was right beside a track near the lake             Both Long-legged Buzzard and Peregrine were nesting on this crag




These photographs were taken on our Greece tour by Mark Newsome

Eagle Owl


Masked Shrike


Eastern Olivaceous Warbler


Squacco Heron


Night Heron




Black-headed Bunting


Thread-wing Antlion


Spanish Sparrow


Stone Curlew






Red-footed Falcon


Little Terns


Male Levant Sparrowhawk



Glossy Ibis


Dalmatian Pelican


Calandra Lark


Black-winged Stilt


Black-headed Wagtail

Black Stork

A view of Lake Kerkini from the hotel.

A picnic in the mountains.




Please note: The above photographs were taken on previous trips. Itineraries change from time to time and therefore you cannot rely on these photographs as being an exact representation of what can be expected on a future tour. For details of the each tour, you should refer to the brochure write-up.





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