In 2015 our Greece trip proved very popular so we ran two tours, here are a couple of photographs taken by the leader Roger Barnes:


White Storks breed in high numbers especially in the villages near our hotel; and Spanish Sparrows use the stork's nests for their own breeding colonies



This Little Ringed Plover's nest was right beside a track near the lake             Both Long-legged Buzzard and Peregrine were nesting on this crag


These photographs were taken on our Greece tour by Mark Newsome

Eagle Owl


Masked Shrike


Eastern Olivaceous Warbler


Squacco Heron


Night Heron




Black-headed Bunting


Thread-wing Antlion


Spanish Sparrow


Stone Curlew






Red-footed Falcon


Little Terns


Male Levant Sparrowhawk



Glossy Ibis


Dalmatian Pelican


Calandra Lark


Black-winged Stilt


Black-headed Wagtail

Black Stork

A view of Lake Kerkini from the hotel.

A picnic in the mountains.






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