In May 2016, we took a group from Cambridge to the Camargue. Below are a few of the photographs taken on the tour.




the Pont du Gard is home to loads of Alpine Swifts




carrying nest material



the famous flamingos


a hotel gecko

Rock Sparrow

Crag Martin

Black Redstart

Common Redstart (female above, male below)



Subalpine Warbler





Les Beaux




Crag Martin in an old chapel


Bonelli's Eagle



Tawny Pipit

Little Bustards

Mont Ventoux



not a bird, a Woodcock orchid

Van Gogh painted a bridge at Arles, so we visited the real thing.

His painting is below









In May 2015 year we took nine people from the Sheffield RSPB Members Group on a holiday to the Camargue in France. This has been a popular trip almost since the very start of Bird Holidays, and we always have a very rewarding time. This year was no exception, with the iconic flamingos, white horses and fighting bulls providing a back drop to some great sightings. There was a big arrival of Red-footed Falcons this year, we saw Black Woodpecker and Citril Finch on Mt Ventoux, and even found a Black-winged Pratincole in a group of Collareds. Here are a few photographs and videos.

Tawny Pipit


Black Woodpecker on Mont Ventoux


Greater Flamingoes in the Camargue



This year there were many Red-footed Falcons in the Camargue and La Crau




This recently fledged Short-toed Treecreeper was seen in Les Alpilles.


Black Redstart nesting in the ruins at Les Baux.


Crag Martins nesting on the Pont du Gard.


The Pont du Gard is a superb setting for a day's birdwatching.


A Cream-spot Tiger-moth in the garden of our hotel.


We drive to over 6000 feet on Mt Ventoux.


Near the summit of Mt Ventoux is this memorial to British cyclist Tom Simpson. At the time of the 1967 Tour de France, he was the leader of the British team. In the 13th stage of that race, he collapsed and died during the ascent of the mountain.


This owlfly (lubelloides) was one of many interesting insects we saw.


Every trip needs its record shot, and this is ours. A Black-winged Pratincole that we found at Paty de la Trinite. Just the 31strecord for France, as far as we know.




We found nests of both Black Redstart (above) and Crag Martin (below), and the parents were happy to come and go as we watched!







Paul has just returned from this year's Camargue and Corsica trip. We had strong wind, rain and snow (and that was just on the first day at Nice airport!) but when the weather settled down we saw just about every bird we hoped to. Highlights included Black Woodpecker, Bonelli's Eagle, Eagle Owl, Lammergeier, Red-footed Falcon, Corsican Nuthatch, Rock Thrush, Little Bustard and all the usual wetland species in the Camargue. Photographs by Paul Willoughby.


The Camargue's famous white horses are one sight that really is guaranteed!


A Stone Curlew in La Crau.


Male Rock Bunting on MT Ventoux.


This immature Hobby was oblivious to our presence!


Great Reed Warblers are always a favourite.


Recently fallen snow, high up in Corsica's beautiful Restonica Valley. Snow at this time of year even made front page in Corsica's daily newspaper, Corse Matin!


This beautiful Corsican Citril Finch delighted us on our first morning on the island.





Here are a few pictures from our recent trip.

                                                                                                    female Rock Thrush, Mont Ventoux

                                                                                                                         Corsican Nuthatch, Vivario


                                                                                            Woodchat Shrike, Corte



Here are a few of photographs from our spring 2011 Camargue and Corsica trip. The sun shone from start to finish and everyone had a lovely time.


'Relaxing' at the hotel after a day's birding!

Eagle Owl in Les Alpilles in broad daylight

Crossbill at Mt Ventoux

We found a Corsican Nuthatch nest and watched both the male and female bringing food

Citril Finch

Copper Demoiselle

Black-winged Stilt

Banded Demoiselle



Here are shots from our previous trips.

Van Gogh's Bridge, Arles


Southern White Admiral


Marmora's Warbler


The Hotel des Granges


Flamingos in the Camargue



Corsican Citril Finch


Corsica's spectacular scenery


Male Bearded Tit








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