birding tour photos from our 2011 tour




Saunders Gulls were common on the coast



We also found resident Fork-tailed Sunbirds mixing with migrant Yellow-browed and Pallas's Warblers.


Fire-breasted Flowerpecker



this Spoon-billed sandpiper had a dribble!




not easy to pick out in flight but at least eight different birds were seen on this trip



dark morph Long-tailed Shrike & a normal one below




Wuyishan was amazing - each leaf was sealed in ice

Nice and sunny we reached the mountain top to view an incredible area










Swinhoe's Stripped Squirrel was a cute find at Wuyishan



the local race of Yellow-browed Tit was a strange bird




Coal Tits here have whacking big crests!!!!






Two species of Forktail were seen on this tour.



Daurian redstarts were everywhere



Yellow-browed Bunting would be a mega in the UK, here they were common in fields





Grey-capped Pygmy Woodpeckers




Scaly Merganser is a little-known & little seen bird!!!!

we found 13.




Crested Kingfisher



Asian Barred Owl


although a picture postcard place with frosted trees in the morning, it was not that cold






see. It was warm & sunny really


Pied Falconet is a speciality in this valley




more redstarts!!



Crested Myna

moving to Poyang Hu we saw thousands of Bean Geese



a family of Siberian Cranes - we saw almost the whole World population here!!!!




Poyang Hu was full of waders; thousands of avocet, spoonbills and a flock of 10,000 Spotted redshanks!!!!


Eastern Water Rail is a very hard bird to see here.



Brown Crake is easier



Common Cranes


Chinese Shrike


Beijing is beautiful at this time of year, but this day was a little cold.



the Emperor's Summer Palace



The Great Wall






The Forbidden City is not off limits for Bird Holidays



Azure-winged magpie is a garden bird in Beijing







each little house in the mountains had a separate door for the chickens to huddle next to the fire at night time