Belarus                                3rd to 11th May London Heathrow
  Bulgaria 30th August to 6th September Manchester
Camargue and Corsica  17th to 25th May Manchester
  Coto Donana and Alentejo  27th April to 4th May  Leeds/Bradford and others
  Estonia in Autumn   *NEW 7th to 14th September  London Gatwick
  Georgia  *NEW 5th to 14th May London Gatwick
  Greece 19th to 26th May London Gatwick and East Mids.
  Hungary in Spring  *NEW 9th to 16th May  Manchester and others
Latvia   *NEW 13th to 20th May London Gatwick and others
  Madeira 9th to 16th June Leeds, Manchester and others
Morocco 3rd to 13th March London Gatwick and Manchester
  Oman 26th Jan. to 8th February 2015 London Heathrow
Spain - wolves, bears, cats   *NEW 31st August to 7th September  Manchester and others
Spain - Iberian Lynx   *NEW 2nd to 8th November  Manchester and others
  Spain - Tarifa 20th to 27th September Leeds, Manchester and others
  SW Turkey 1st to 11th May Manchester and others




            THE AMERICAS
  Belize 18th March to 2nd April Heathrow and Manchester
  Brazilian Pantanal 25th August to 7th September London Heathrow
  Ecuador, Andes to Amazon  16th to 30th January 16 airports throughout UK
  Panama 7th to 22nd March 16 airports throughout UK
  Peru 6th to 22nd September 16 airports throughout UK
  Trinidad and Tobago 7th to 19th February London Gatwick
Yucatan, Mexico 12th to 27th November Manchester and London Gatwick




            REST OF THE WORLD
  Bhutan  5th to 23rd April  London Heathrow
  Ethiopia 10th to 27th January Heathrow and Manchester  
  Goa and Karnataka 7th to 22nd November   Manchester and Gatwick
  Northern India 4th to 19th February 2015 Heathrow and Manchester
  South India Safari    12th to 27th January 2015 Heathrow and others
  Madagascar                              28th September to 15th October London Heathrow and others
  Myanmar                                   21st January to 3rd February London Heathrow
Namibia                                    22nd Nov. to 6th December  London Heathrow
  Sri Lanka  *NEW                                

16th Feb. to 3rd March 2015

7th  to  22nd March 2015


various UK airports
  Taiwan                                      23rd Nov. to 5th December London Heathrow
Tanzania    *NEW                        21st June to 8th July 16 airports throughout UK


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